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You need the right equipment to put those brilliant podcast ideas to work and make your podcast a success! With PodcastBNB’s facilities and resources, you will have everything you need at just a fraction of the cost it would take you to arrange everything yourself!

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PodcastBNB is a video marketing agency in Atlanta that provides various services within the video marketing domain. Our team comprises people with relevant expertise in video production, digital media marketing, and photography. We also have the premium equipment and resources to help clients record their podcasts and put them out there for their listeners.

We recognize the digital media potential and want to leverage our knowledge in the field to help our clients get the best value for their businesses.

As marketers, we have seen how relevant podcast content and videos have become over the years. Video marketing is already seeing a boom, with an estimated 83.3% of US-based internet users accessing video content online. Podcasts are also quickly growing, with listeners expected to grow to 117.8 million people.

48-hour Turnaround

Get the first draft within 1-2 days, so you can leave feedback or download the video asap.

Easy Communication

Communicate easily with your editor via orders platform / email. With a PRO plan or Editor's Cut add-on - Real-time communication via Slack

Video Editing

Submit unlimited orders in few clicks and go do what you do best - build your business!

Free Stock Audio & Graphics

Music, sound effects, graphics from our stock library can make your videos look even more polished! P.S. If you need Stock videos in your edits, you can get a Stock Video Footage add-on.

Our Services,
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PodcastBNB is a multi-faceted digital marketing agency, and our range of services reflects our expertise.

Video Editing


Podcast Recording

Sip & Paint

Shomo Boards

Partner with us for your creative projects and benefit in several ways.


We provide affordable rental and production services to all our clients and help you get the maximum value for money. Our premium equipment and resources create high-quality results, and we will facilitate you in the best way possible without charging anything extra.

Knowledge and Expertise

We have a team of people with years of experience in the industry, which gives them the necessary expertise to provide the best possible services. Our knowledge is also a strategic advantage because we can evaluate your plan and provide constructive advice to help perfect your video or podcast idea.

Comprehensive Packages

We have created several packages that include several of the quality services we provide for your benefit. We developed these packages based on consumer insights and buying patterns, which means you can get an optimal set of services from a single purchase.

Support Services

Due to the nature of this business, we provide several support services to our clients to facilitate them. We offer overnight stay options and charcuterie services to help you concentrate on the work and prevent any disruptions and distractions.

The more uniform the creative process, the better the results.

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